About Dollar Short

Reunited 2015
Left to Right: Brian Esneault, Mike Lucito, Eric Gautreaux, and Ben Dye. (April 2015)


In the summer of 1997, Ben Dye and Mike Lucito went to check out a local alternative band called the Sextons. The band consisted of four members from Opelousas: Loren Carriere, Phil Legrange, Tony Fall, and Eric Gautreaux. That night, Ben sat in on a couple of songs. By the next gig, he was playing guitar and Mike was running sound. When the band found out that Tony was moving to Colorado, Mike bought his guitar for $100 and took over on bass. 

For the next few years, the Sextons toured the greater tri-parish area playing back yards, fire halls, and civic centers. In the fall of 1998, Loren and Phil went on to pursue their solo careers leaving Eric, Ben, and Mike without a singer or second guitarist. This forced each member to take on added roles. With Ben and Mike contributing more on background vocals and Eric moving to lead vocals, Dollar Short was beginning to take form. 

The following spring Ben had begun preparing for a summer internship for college students. One night after a meeting, a bunch of the members had a small jam session at a friend’s place in Baton Rouge. That’s where Ben met Brian Esneault. After jamming together for about a month, Brian met up with the rest of the band. A week later, he was added as the fourth member of the group, and Dollar Short was born.

For the next year the band traveled back and forth from Baton Rouge to Opelousas practicing every weekend in order to build a song repertoire long enough to be able to play one full show. They did this by choosing to play songs that they enjoy playing just as much as the crowd loves singing and dancing to.

Over the years, Dollar Short has developed a unique rock-driven sound that is a product of the members’ diverse musical backgrounds. This sound can be heard in each of the band’s cover songs, and is unmistakably inherent in their original material. 

The band believes that while a visually powerful show is a must nowadays, quality music and personal integrity are a priority. In short, the guys thrive on giving both old and new fans much more than what they expected, every time. When confronted with questions like, “Do you play covers or originals, fast or mellow, older or younger crowds, locally or out-of-state, acoustic or electric?” the answer is simply, “Yes.”

Band Members:
Eric Gautreaux – Lead Vocals, Drums

Ben Dye – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Brian Esneault – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Mike Lucito – Bass Guitar, Vocals

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